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Dream Dictionary is a free online dream interpretation tool that will help you understand the meaning of your dreams.

The dream definitions have been written by world leading dream expert, Brenda Mallon.

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Online Dream Analysis

The interpretation of dreams can reveal our inner most thoughts and even our unconscious selves.  Dream Dictionary’s online dream analysis tool is designed to help you to uncover the meaning of your dreams.  However, it is meant to be fun and not taken too seriously.  A proper analysis of dreams takes years of experience and a discussion between a dream therapist and the dreamer but using this online dream dictionary can help you understand the meaning of your dreams.  To use the online analysis tool click here and type in a ‘keyword’ from your dream into the search box.
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Brenda Mallon

The dream interpretations provided on this website have been written by Brenda Mallon,a long established world leader in the interpretation of dreams.  Brenda is a celebrated author, counsellor, and TV presenter who specializes in dreams and dreaming.  Based on research spanning over thirty years  she has investigated how dreams have the power to help each of us in physical, emotional and spiritual ways as well as helping us resolve relationship difficulties. See ‘About us’ to find out more about Brenda.

Healing with dreams

Psychotherapist, such as Brenda Mallon, use dreams to discover the root of anxiety and to find inner strengths to overcome difficulties and help people to realise their potential, or simply to understand themselves better.  If you want to know more about healing with dreams click here.